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Ultra-X, Inc., memory diagnostic hardware & RAM testing software developer & technology pioneer, offers customized solutions for pc computer memory module manufacturers, pc system builders, memory oem's, design engineers, & computer service professionals. RST PRO memory testing & validation products ensure reliability, stability, integrity, & compatibility of all memory modules utilizing over 30 proprietary memory test algorithm patterns on all: SIMMS, DIMMs, RIMMs, SO-DIMM, Micro-DIMM SDRAM 66-133, DDR, DDR/2, RDRAM (RAMBus), ECC, FB-DIMM (Fully Buffered DIMM), Registered, & Parity memory modules for all Servers, Desktops, Notebooks & Laptop PC's. Ultra-X offers full customization services to modify any RST PRO product to support specific manufacturing, validation & computer design needs. For additional information contact us at 408-261-7090 or email

RST - RAM Stress Test
RST - RAM Stress Test

**Note: R.S.T. Pro3 hardware is succeeded by R.S.T. Pro4.

In most cases R.S.T. Pro3 has been succeeded by R.S.T. Pro4 unless you are a customer with a special version please refer to the newer version. If you currently own R.S.T. Pro3 please contact your Sales Representative for information to upgrade to the lastest version of hardware.


R.S.T. Pro3 is the definitive memory diagnostic and validation tool designed for the rigorous testing needs of desktop & server memory manufacturers, system builders, design engineers, and service professionals. Powerful new features and advanced functionality make R.S.T. Pro3 the most comprehensive memory validation tool of its kind. R.S.T. Pro3 is the tool of choice for numerous industry professionals who want to quickly and accurately test and validate memory in all Desktop, Workstation and Server PC’s incorporating an Intel or AMD x86 compatible 32/64-bit single/multi-core processor.

R.S.T. Pro3 performs the most comprehensive tests available for both Base and Extended Memory (up to 64 gigabytes). Utilizing over 100+ different test patterns, both standard and proprietary algorithms, R.S.T. Pro3 provides a graphic display to pinpoint the exact location of memory failures. R.S.T. Pro3 supports the latest SIMMs, DIMMs, RIMMs,(SDRAM 66-133, DDR-266/333/366//400/466/500, DDR2-533/667/800/1066, DDR3-1066,1333,1600,1800,2000, RDRAM(RAMBus), SRAM, ECC, FB-DIMM, Parity and Non-Parity) memory technologies.

Ultra-X’s Self-Boot Technology allows R.S.T. Pro3 to boot and test system memory without the interference of any memory drivers, TSRs, Operating System limitations, or Windows protected mode. R.S.T. Pro3 runs complete testing in its own protected mode which can thoroughly test up to 64 gigabyte of memory. Exclusive protected access also means testing can be run at the maximum possible speed.

R.S.T. Pro3 is one of the fastest, robust, and accurate memory diagnostic and verification tools available on the market today. Whether you design & manufacture memory modules, build or repair systems, R.S.T. Pro3 tests and validates with the same commitment to quality, compatibility and reliability.

R.S.T. PRO Advantage - Memory is one of the most notoriously difficult core system functions to troubleshoot, exercise, and validate. PC’s are not only being equipped with increasingly large amounts of RAM but their often complex system hardware and software configurations can make it even more difficult to determine if a problem is truly a RAM failure. Such problems vary with different combinations of chipsets, processors or motherboards. R.S.T. Pro3 capabilities far exceed those of stand-alone testers in meeting all of these challenges.

Behavioral Testing - Many memory manufacturers first test memory chips on a traditional ATE(Automatic Test Equipment) and then assemble them into modules. Although most ATE systems are great at catching Logical and Parametric Failures, they have no reliable way of replicating Behavioral Failures. This means that it is possible for a memory module to pass through the entire test process and still fail in the field. Therefore, ATE testers do not have the best possible fault coverage.

R.S.T. Pro3 identifies memory defects that may have passed every usual manufacturing test, but which can still fail in normal use. A major advantage of R.S.T. Pro3 compared to stand alone testers, is the capability of testing and validating RAM within the system environment, testing for Behavioral failures that are sensitive to system idiosyncrasy. Quickly isolate intermittent failures that do not necessarily prevent a system from booting, but surface during extended testing sessions.

Small but Robust Program Size - R.S.T. Pro3’s powerful memory package is small in program size allowing the firmware to load itself into the least amount of memory possible. This allows for true low-level testing of RAM starting at memory address 2k exercising the complete range of a computer’s RAM.

Memory Test Algorithms - There are many good approaches for testing memory. However, many tests simply throw various patterns at memory without much thought or knowledge of memory architecture. As Tier 1 partners with industry leading manufacturers, Ultra-X is able to continuously develop new sophisticated proprietary memory test algorithms to locate the most evasive memory failures. R.S.T. Pro3 has the broadest range of algorithms, for current and future memory chip technologies.

Self-Boot Technology - R.S.T. Pro3 directly executes using Ultra-X’s exclusive Self-Boot Technology™ eliminating interference from memory drivers, TSRs, O/S limitation, and all other software layers. Utilizing direct hardware to hardware access commands, R.S.T. Pro3 is able to perform true precise low-level memory testing and validation.

Product Benefits

  • Test & Validate Prototype & Production Memory
  • Minimize unneccessary RMA returns due to NTF/NDF (No Trouble/Defect Found) Issues
  • Reduce Support & Warranty Costs
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction & Confidence
  • Flash Upgradable to Support Future Memory Technology


Self-Boot Technology
Accurate true low-level diagnosis and validation cannot be achieved with test tools that require a preloading of Operating Systems. Utilizing Ultra-X's propietary Self-Boot Technology, R.S.T. Pro3 can execute without interferences from drivers, TSR's, O/S API, or other software layers. This allows testing in the cleanest environment and maximum coverage of CPU & Memroy range on all PC's.
EXCLUSIVE! 30+ Memory Testing Patterns
Provides an unattended Burn-In mode for lengthy troubleshooting sessions and new RAM installation verification testing.
Onboard Memory
R.S.T. Pro3 loads itself into the least amount of RAM possible, occupying far less RAM than any other memory test product boosting similar functionality. Test system RAM without the interference of any Memory Drivers, TSRs, O/S limitations, or Windows protected mode.
Memory Burn-In/Aging Function
Performs the most comprehensive tests available for Base and Extended Memory (up to 64 gigabytes). Performs over 100+ different industry standards and proprietary memory testing algorithms. Provides graphic display to pinpoint exact location of failure.
ENHANCED! Tests all types of Memory
Enhanced to test the latest FB-DIMM modules and also supports all SIMMs, DIMMs, RIMMs,(SDRAM 66-133, DDR-266/333/400, DDR2-533/667, RDRAM(RAMBus), SRAM, ECC, Parity and Non-Parity).
Real-Time Temperature & Voltage Measurements via Onboard Sensors
Temperature & Voltage measurement capability. Onboard precision sensors for measuring all critical voltages and ambient temperature.
Real-Time Benchmarking
R.S.T. Pro3 includes several benchmarking tools to identify system performance & bottleneck areas. Benchmarks can be used to check , optimize, and fine-tune a system's speed under various operating conditions. Comparative data provided by the benchmarks can be invaluable in comparing different technologies and optimizing systems.
Remote Data Logging via Onboard RS-232 Serial Port
Route test results or monitor Real-Time voltage and temperature values to a remote system.
SPD(Serial Presence Detect) Reader
Provides an SPD reader function which displays information on installed memory modules that include Speed and Configuration values.
Memory Map Scanner
Scans base RAM for all programs loaded into memory including; BIOS, Video BIOS, drivers, and any TSRs. Also helps for resolve memory conflicts in base addresses.
PCI Editor
This utility consists of a scrollable byte-level display that allows you to locate PCI registers and change them to the desired setting. This function can be extremely helpful in changing the system configuration and re-testing the system to catch configuration caused memory failures. This function helps save time by bypassing the BIOS CMOS setup program.
Chipset Noise Generator via optional PCI Gen
Optional PCI Gen companion card allows direct memory transfer from PCI Bus to RAM. An ideal solution to detect any chipset level issues..
Behavioral Testing
A major advantage of R.S.T. Pro3 over high-priced ATE-only testing is that R.S.T. Pro3 is designed to test and identify problems in memory modules from inside the motherboard environment. Memory that may have passed every usual manufacturing test can still fail in a motherboard normal use environment. This type of testing is called behavioral testing which detects failures that are sensitive to system idiosyncrasy.
Immediate ROI Savings- Reduce Support Costs & Minimize PC Returns
R.S.T. Pro3 assures the quality and reliability of your PCs memory throughout the entire PC lifecycle; Manufacturering, Development, Support, Service & Repair, and Recycling. Minimize unneccessary RMA returns due to software and NTF/NDF(No Trouble/Defect Found) issues. Reduces support and warranty costs while improving user satisfaction and confidence.
Up-to-Date Technology
Unlike other memory test tools, R.S.T. Pro3 is continuously updated staying up-to-date on the latest memory technology before hitting the market. With close key relationships with industry leading manufacturers, Ultra-X is able to ensure compatibility with the latest technology.
Comprehensive Testing & Validation
R.S.T. Pro3 evaluates memory modules through a rigorous testing process to ensure the reliability, integrity and compatibility of its design. Isolate intermittent failures that don't necessarily prevent a system from booting, but surface during extended testing sessions. R.S.T. Pro3 will provide the same comprehensive, precise and accurate memory testing ensuring failure correlation exists throughout the lifecycle.
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